A New Generation


The Founders

I started my decade challenge with two sims: Henry and Jane Fitzgerald. Here is Henry.


His aspiration was to be a Freelance Botanist (this was handy because that’s how they were going to be earning their money!). His traits were Loves Outdoors, Bookworm and Neat. Henry was a very laid back man, and a big family man. He adored his wife Jane. Here she is.


Her aspiration was to be a Best Selling Author (which she never completed because no computers in 1890 D:). Her traits were Bookworm, Family Orientated and Neat. Henry and Jane were perfect for each other! Sadly I don’t actually have any screenshots of their lives… just Henry proposing 😦

11-13-16_1:43:51 PM.png

They had five children, Florence, Minnie, Emma, Clarence and Leonard. The first three were girls and I kept wondering how long until they finally had a son. Then, along came Clarence and then Leonard. I chose Leonard to be the heir (you can only have male heirs right now). Here are the kids. Florence:








He is a spitting image of Henry! But I chose Leonard…maybe because Clarence reminded me of Henry too much… Henry and Jane’s deaths were so sad! Have you ever seen a sim die of old age in sims 4? They wave, pat the ground as if they were getting comfy, wave again and then pass away 😦 Henry died, Jane came out and died pretty much at the same time… all while Leonard watched (all the other kids had moved out). Leonard was in his late teens. I downloaded a graveyard and placed Henry and Jane’s graves in there next to each other. A couple days after they died, Henry rang Leonard and invited him out to the pub! Leonard went…but Henry never showed. So, here is Leonard:


His aspiration is to have a Successfully Lineage and his traits are Bro, Self Assured and Active. He is a lad! Hahah… I will be documenting is life and family in Generation 2! 😀